All very educational

16 May: Bow Street – Borth – Ynys Las – Corris – Aberdovey – Bow Street

My first trip to Aberystwyth was in 1988. This is now my fifth time here. We’ve been here for a little over 48 hours, and I’m wondering if this is the most sunshine I’ve ever experienced here. It’s great to be here in spring with the flowering rhododendrons, azaleas, and I’m pleased to say, may bushes. May bushes are among my favourite.

We hit the road this morning, stopping in Borth and Ynys Las, where, across the estuary, you could see Aberdovey in the distance. A little later, we arrived at King Arthur’s Labrynth at Corris, where we had morning tea. The scones, jam and cream were terrible here, as was the coffee. The cream was very dry and the scones disintegrated in your hand. Tom, Jean’s Dad, said it was all very educational, meaning he had learned a lesson – he wouldn’t go there again! We drove on to Aberdovey, and lunched in the Dovey Inn, where you could have two main meals for £9.99. We were glad to find we could access some local wi fi too (not the Dovey Inn’s). I had haddock and chips. Outside, and by the estuary’s edge, we saw some members of the Royal National Lifeboats Institute (RNLI). Jean said that, whereas in Australia you would join the local bushfire brigade or the SES, here you would join the RNLI.

On the road home, we tried to locate Artists Valley, but it was a wild goose chase. Tom said again it was all very educational.

As tourists, we’re finding things cheap here. But the price of unleaded petrol is £1.40 per litre on average.

Were fing it cheap here.
Petrol price

  1. eirist said:

    His guys, glad you’re enjoying your time so far and the lovely sunshine. I think the cider had kicked in by the time you wrote the last 2 lines :)))
    We are planing on goign up to Newcastle at the weekend (husband Derek’s mum is very ill). On Tuesday we head for even sunnier climbs Symi Greece (providing the whole country hasnt collapsed) so I’m starting to think we may miss each other!!! How long are you in the Aber area for? Eiri xx

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