Food glorious food

20 May 2012: The highlight of today was our lunch at The Marine, an up-market restaurant on the Prom, overlooking Cardigan Bay. The all-you-can-eat dinner included as much meat as you liked from the carvery, including genuine Welsh lamb with mint sauce, turkey, ham and pork. It featured lashings of baked potato, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower and green beans, washed down with Strongbow dry cider, which my colleague from back home, Alison, has unwittingly got me onto now. I hadn’t realised how nice it was. The dessert offerings were just as generous and plentiful as the mains: chocolate log, tiramisu, pavlova, etc.

This glorious dinner reflected the glorious sunshine that Aberystwyth was bathed in this afternoon. Jean’s dad and mum and Uncle John strolled along the Prom with us. We “kicked the bar” at one end, and followed the Prom round to Aberystwyth Castle. Fantastic sunshine.

We also spent a lot of time today with Alison and Dylan in Llanilar, touring their village and strolling along the river Ystwyth. Llanilar has an even greater community feel than Bow Street, Jean’s home village. Life seems simple, close, secure and tranquil.

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  1. Alison said:

    Ah Malcolm, if you think Strongbow is good, just wait till Richard and I get you exploring other ciders! Loving the blog, but feel like I’m putting on weight just reading about the fabulous meals you have been enjoying.

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