Aberystwyth University – birthplace of the study of international relations

I visited the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University. I met Karl Death, Deputy Director of External Affairs and himself an academic, specialising in environmental security studies. Karl said with a name like his, I was not likely to forget it.

Since I hold a Master of International Affairs from the Australian National University,and since Aberystwyth is the birthplace of the study of international relations, I’ve long been keen to visit the university here. Karl, and the administrator who was with us, tried to locate a famous academic for me to meet. But Steven Smith is long retired, John Bayliss is gone, and Ian Clark is visiting Australia (!). Andrew Linklater was around somewhere, but probably working from home – it’s marking time after all!

I browsed the library opposite the Dept for about 20 minutes. Unsurprisingly, they deal with a lot of IR theory here, and a lot on European politics. Again not surprisingly, there is also a focus on Welsh politics (& the Welsh Assembly). Oh how I would just love to take a couple o’ years off work and do a PhD in Aberystwyth…


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