Olympic torch arrives in Aberystwyth

We gathered this afternoon at the Vicarage Fields in Aberystwyth for the arrival of the Olympic torch. In fact, there is not one but many torches. Those given the honour of running with the torch carry it for a mere 300 metres or so, before someone else carries an entirely different one. Each runner is allowed to keep their torch, and, funny enough, one thinking runner somewhere put her torch on e-bay and is now about £100,000 richer.

At the Vicarage Fields, a young man called Kyle Thompson ran the final leg for the day, which is considered an honour. He arrived to excited shouts and screams from the waiting crowd before mounting the stage and lighting the cauldron, which will keep the Olympic flame alight while the torch ‘rests’ overnight. We were in the crowd too, and were excited for Kyle’s family, whom we know through close friends of ours.


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