Olympic torch in Bow Street

The most excitement I’ve ever seen in the village of Bow Street (the most excitement the residents themselves have ever seen) took place this morning when the Olympic torch came through the village. Traffic bound for Aberystwyth was at a complete standstill probably for the first time in history, while roads further on were closed temporarily. Eventually, cops on motorbikes arrived from over the hill, followed by several large, colourful floats carrying raucous revellers heralding the approach of the runner with the torch. Finally, the torch could be seen. While the village didn’t exactly have teeming crowds greeting the torch, there were plenty of adults and school children out in force, cheering, shouting and waving their red dragon Welsh flags as the young runner passed along the A487, being the main road through the village. I ran along with the torch runner (along the side of the road), videoing occasionally. He completed his run at the Rhydepennau pub, and then lit a lantern which a woman presented to him. His torch was extinguished, the woman boarded a bus with the lantern, and the bus drove on to the next destination. The torch will rest tonight in Bangor, in north-west Wales, near Anglesey.

1 comment
  1. Rhian said:

    yes we were all really exited 2 see the flame come throught the village me and my mates were very thrilled wen we heard about it and it wasa the best thing bow street have probably ever had it was exiting and very fun to watch as well.

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