Dental as anything

It’s now 30 May. Our time in Wales, and in Aberystwyth, is drawing to a close. I love Wales, I’m fond of this town, and I feel attached to the terrific people that we know here. I’m looking forward, of course, to what’s to come on this European holiday, but Jean and I will feel regret waving goodbye on Friday morning.

One thing Jean is very pleased to say goodbye to is the pain that’s been afflicting her since about five days ago. A tooth ache emerged, and got worse as the days wore on. On Monday, she visited the dentist, and was given a filling. The pain failed to fade though, and many pain killers and panadols later, she returned to the dentist to ask for the tooth to be pulled. Instead, however, he removed the nerve, and has given Jean some anti-biotics. Since the second visit this morning, the pain seems to have subsided, and she hasn’t needed the medicines. All looks good now.

Jean suggested I post a blog, giving it the title of “From Llangollen canal to root canal”, but I told her I’d already come up with “Dental as anything”. She must be on the mend because she laughed. I’d have been the worst person in the world yesterday.


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