In London

We are so excited to be here in London. Jean said she feels like she’s 20 again. I noted how different London is to Wales, and Jean said that was how she felt about London when she first came here to work for the Metropolitan Police back in 1987. It was so different, and that was part of the allure for her.

We dropped our bags off at the Millennium Baileys Hotel, where we are now staying (and where I worked between late 1982 and late 1983 in my first job in the UK), and then dropped our hired Audi at Hertz at Edgware Road. We then walked back all the way…through Hyde Park, and down to Knightsbridge. Soon, we found the Borscht & Tears, a Russian restaurant where Jean and another friend celebrated their 21st birthdays all those years ago. We had dinner in a pub called the Zetland Arms before eventually nearing our hotel. Just near the ‘Baileys’ is the Hereford Arms. When I moved into the area 30 years ago, I had my first beer in that pub. So, I decided to repeat the deed! I still remember meeting a Welsh girl on that occasion (not Jean) who asked me if they spoke Welsh out in New South Wales!

The streets are fairly well decorated with lots of bunting, and businesses are getting into the spirit of the Queen’s diamond jubilee occurring this weekend, by advertising jubilee lunches, recipes etc. And just about every street in Great Britain will have a street party this Sunday.


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