Beer, bier or cwrw?

My favourite beer in Germany is the Weizenbier. I’ve had it at home too, but it’s even better here in Germany. I admire the shape of the glass that Weizenbier is served in too. It’s like a good woman, curving inwards towards the middle as your eyes slide lovingly up the glass toward the top, then becoming slightly more broad and inviting toward the top. And it’s light and easy to hold. Yum! I’ve also had Duckstein, auch mit einem guten Geschmack!

My favourite beer in the UK was Carling. I didn’t like Carlsberg that much, but Kronenbourg was fine. Stella Artois also fine. In Carmarthen on the day of our good Rolf Harris luck, I tried “Cwrw”, which is Welsh for “beer”. Also not bad. From memory, it was dark in colour. Hopefully, someone might clarify for me. Of the ciders I tried, I liked Strongbow, Magners, Bulmers, and Black Dragon that I can remember. Sweet, medium or dry..I don’t mind.

In the 80s, I thought Guinness was absolutely disgusting, but I promised myself that one day I’d try it in Ireland. Pleased to say I like it much better now, but we’ll see how it tastes in Australia. Everyone knows Guinness doesn’t travel well.

  1. Alison said:

    mmmm black dragon cider – sounds like one I’ll have to try

  2. Forgot to mention another really good cider, which is Old Rosie. It’s a scrumpy cider, and I saw it for the first time in the Railway pub at Kew. It’s over 7% alcohol!

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