Boris Bikes

The most visible change in London that we noticed this time was the ubiquitous existence of bikes. There is a public bicycle stand wherever you go. This has been an initiative of London’s mayor, Mad Boris Johnson, introduced in the years since we last visited. The initiative, designed to make London more amenable while contributing to the movement of people around the city, is so closely associated with the mayor himself that he has now been dubbed ‘Boris Bikes’. Jean and I were confused for a while as to the cost of hiring a bike. We think we finally worked it out on our last day. It may be that you hire a bike for £1 for one day, and you pay a certain fee for the time used, but not when you’re not using it. But, we think you can have as many trips as you want on a bike for less than half an hour each ‘ride’, and pay nothing. Potentially a fantastic way to see London, its myriad tourist attractions, or at least enjoy cycling around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park.


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