Visit to leafy Loschwitz

We achieved a fair bit today. We walked for about 14 kilometres, leaving the Altstadt, across to the northern side of the Elbe to the hilly and fashionable area known as Loschwitz. From there, we meandered back down the hill, and back across the Elbe which offered a panorama of Dresden’s skyline featuring the Frauenkirche, the Terrassenufer, the Semperoper, the Zwinger, and the Albertinum, before finally reaching the area of our hotel once again. Back at Loschwitz, we caught the Standseilbahn up the hill and found the house at Leonhardi Strasse number 3. Here, my great-great-great uncle, Edmund Thode, lived until his death in 1879. A three-storey mansion with a little land to boot and with a tremendous view down upon the old city (Altstadt) is what we found here. A very leafy area, with birch and fir trees, maples and pines packed in on the hillside, anyone would want to live at Loschwitz. Edmund Thode had been a freemason. And at the top of the gate on the old stone wall that separates the property from the street, what do you think survives from Thode’s time? – a Masonic symbol.

Edmund Thode (1821-1879) had also been a banker and an issuer of patents.


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