The tourist in Dresden can do a Stadtrundfahrt (S). This means a city tour. But it’s not just a one-off sightseeing trip around the city which is over with after an hour or so. Although you can do that if you wish. No, you can use the S, which is merely a bus, to get around Dresden, both the Altstadt and the Neustadt as well as the suburbs, and to get on and off whenever you want for as long as your ticket is valid. For one full day, it costs 20 euros, but it’s only an extra two euros for each successive day that you need the S. Which makes the S very economical for a several-day stay. There are 22 stops around Dresden at which a person may alight. It takes 90 minutes for a complete round-the-whole-city journey, or there are other tours.

You can do a night tour, or head out to the Schloss Pillnitz, one of Dresden’s castles. Another tour is to Schloss Moritzburg. Also, there are four walking tours with English commentary from a guide: one takes place at Schloss Pillnitz, another at the Zwinger, which was for royal festivities during the time of Augustus the Strong. It has a special place in art history. Another walking tour takes place at the Procession of Princes, a fabulous mural 100 metres long painted onto ceramic tiles, featuring all the rulers of Saxony from 1127 till 1918. The final walking tour is of the Frauenkirche, Dresden’s major landmark before its destruction in 1945, and since its restoration in 2005.


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