Poland v Czech Republic

17 June – Last night, we gathered in the hotel dining room with locals to watch the Poland v Czech Republic football match (Euro championship). A local drunk appeared early, bombastically sharing himself around the room, announcing his presence in every corner. He smashed a glass, but was not thrown out. He took his shirt off, and I thought “now he thinks he’s a player!”. Eventually, he approached our table. We said we were from Australia, and he said in English “Australia! Oh my God! Oh my God!”. Then he walked away. Back he came with a beer for both Jean and me, and, in fact, he bought a beer for everyone in the room! Incredibly, by the time the game started, he left!

A girl was painting the Polish flag on all her friends’ cheeks, so I asked her to do me too. Soon, we all stood for the Polish national anthem. The game began, and no one scored for a long time. It would have been really nice to have been in Poland with Polish locals present, draped in the red and white colours of their country, and to witness a Polish
victory. But it wasn’t to be. The game ended 1:0 to the Czech Repubic.


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