A dog’s life

In Australia, there are only so many places that people would dream of taking their dogs, and you wouldn’t think of seeing dogs in certain situations. Not so in Europe. People have an uxorious love of their canine Kinder to the point where I’m inspired to write a blog post about it. We’ve seen one little ratty mutt in jeans, a polo shirt and braces. Another day, we saw an elderly couple pushing a stroller along, and we assumed it was a baby. Think again. We’ve seen great Danes with their owners in shopping malls, and little darlings tucked under arms in butcher shops.

During the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in London, when people in their millions were pouring into the area around Westminster, and we could hardly move forward at all because of the teeming numbers of people, suddenly a poodle emerged in front of us, yanked along by a wiry young woman. Jean said: “What idiot would bring their dog out to an event like this?”. An older woman closer to us replied: “That’s our dog! I’ll thank you to keep your opinions to yourself!”. I thought it was quite funny.


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