That’s all, folks!

The Malcolm and Jean Europe Tour 2012, sadly, has come to an end. We are at Dresden Airport, awaiting a flight to Heathrow. We arrive in Australia on Saturday, and return to work next week. It’s been an amazing experience with so many highlights. We’ve reunited with old friends, including Sandra, whom I worked with at the BBC and hadn’t seen in 23 years. There was Alison, who accidentally ordered a plate with two full chickens in Llanilar. We’ve caught up with family, and met new family in Germany. We had a fantastic canal ride in Llangollen, partied in Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London, and stayed at the Baileys Hotel after an absence of 30 years. Northern Ireland was a highlight, and we love Dresden. And of course there was finding my castle, elusive for so many years, a highlight not only of this holiday, but of my life.

As the viewer will know, in the last six weeks, we went as far west as Enniskillen in Northern Ireland, and as far east as Jelenia Gora in Poland. Regarding viewing, our blog has, at the time of writing, been viewed 996 times. Busiest day was 12 June with 74 views. We’ve had followers in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, and Australia, with comments from random visitors. It’s been great fun blogging, and I recommend it. In future, though, I may pay a little money to upgrade to a better blog facility. This time round, I’ve failed to grasp why my tagging has worked only a minority of times. And I’ve not come to grips with uploading pictures, a desirable addition.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Malcolm and Jean Europe Tour 2012. Hopefully, there will be a Malcolm and Jean Europe Tour 2013. Till next time.


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