Jean and I are public servants, or, as they say in much of the rest of the world, ‘civil servants’, in Canberra, Australia. We’re touring Europe for six weeks to catch up with old friends and family in Wales, be among the Queen’s Diamond jubilee festivities in London, meet distant relatives and follow ancestral trails in Hamburg, and visit old family history sites in Dresden and Poland.

  1. Ilkka Majantie said:

    Hi !
    Yours trip here in Europe was very very interesting to me, because my grandmother’s mother was Luise Thode. My grandmother has visited Loschwitz and Schosdorf many times, first was in the year 1874. Robert Thodes children were cousines of my grandmother. During those visits she also met Felix Thode (Paul Felix Thode b. 8.8.1864 d. 1951), which seems to be yours ancestors. His brother was Hans Justus Thode, who moved to South Africa. I am interesting about You !

    • Hi Ilkka, thank you for making contact. I’ve sent you a private email.

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