Today is our last day before our holiday to Europe begins. It’s been a long time coming, this one. We first agreed we’d go at this time as long ago as 2002. We’re looking forward to the break from our usual routine, looking forward to the travel, to seeing old friends and family, to meeting long lost relatives, and, in Poland near the end of the trip, to seeing something I’ve wanted to see since I was a young kid. For me, this trip is a pilgrimage.

Jean thinks sitting around, waiting to go to catch a plane is like waiting to have a baby. We fly from Canberra tomorrow morning, and take Virgin Atlantic from Sydney to Heathrow. I’ve spent today doing last-minute checking that we have everything and, believe it or not, lots of tidying up i.e sweeping, mopping etc.

We’re hearing the weather is turning bad in Britain, and there’s some sort of industrial action taking place at Heathrow Airport. Lovely. Oh well, go with the flow.


I think I now know what the blog’s categories are about. I didn’t realise at first that you’re free to create your own, so I’ve created categories that basically match our itinerary – Wales, London etc. And I’ll put this post in ‘Pre-departure’. Just for the hell of it.